All images used in this blog were created by Felix Davis.  Therefore all images belong to Felix Davis.  If you would like to use ANY of the images or ANY PART of any of the images within this blog please contact the administrator or Felix Davis directly or alternatively please leave a reply on this page.

Many thanks for your understanding

Felix Davis aka The Hairy Rider


2 thoughts on “Legal

  1. Sophie

    I stumbled on your website preparing an article on snow-kiting and found your pictures awfully nice. I would like permission to use one or two, if possible, for publication in a sports trend book. Is there a way to work this out?

    • Hi. Yes – no problem. Use any photos you like but please provide a credit and a link back to my site.

      And send me the details of the publication where I can see the photos…so I can show my friends 😉


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