Man Vs. Bird…

Gee Atherton gets hunted by a Peregrine Falcon


Published on 6 Jun 2013

Downhill mountain bike legend, Gee Atherton, is hunted by the fastest bird in the world, a peregrine falcon. Set in the epic landscape of Antur Stiniog, North Wales, Gee is tested in the ultimate experiment between man and bird.


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The Haute Route…

THIS awesome film is the latest edit by Filme von Draussen and it sure is a good one!  This one film pretty much sums up what mountain biking is for me; Freedom, Adventure, Challenge and Pushing yourself both physically & mentally to the max…and then coming down again 🙂

Life is like a mountain pass. Sometimes you have to suffer your way to the top. But once you get there, it’s worth all the effort. In August 2012, my friend Johannes Riebl and me set out to ride world’s most famous ski tour – on our mountain bikes. We came home with some incredible memories. And a film, to share our story” – Filme von Draussen

Check it out…


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And check out words from the film maker here

And check their website here

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People Are Awesome…

Winter Sports…

Published on 20 Jan 2013

Song – Flight Facilities – Crave You [Adventure Club Remix]

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Double Down, Part 1…

Looking east from Le Mélezin, 1,880m alt.

IT had been a week since my last ride (sounds like an AA meeting), although been hacking ’round town & skatepark on the Nukeproof most days – but not a proper off-road shred in the mountains and that is what’s required for a peaceful mind and happy body.  So on Friday afternoon I decided to go for a big one, and what turns out might’ve been the last high altitude shred of the season…

I went to tackle the Double Descents of Col Des Ayes & Le Mélezin which when I look up at them today (3 days later) are both covered in fresh snow after the first pre-season dump that’s reached its icy hand below 2,000m

First dump to reach below 2,000m

When I say Double Descents that obviously means Double Ascents too!  I set out at about 14h00 at the usual fast pace down to the river then through town to Villar-St-Pancrace and then you climb.  It’s a nice easy fire road all the way up to the little hameau of Les Ayes which sits at about 1,750m alt.  After Les Ayes you get up to a nice clearing/pic-nic spot where you cross the river and continue onwards and upwards…the higher you go the worse the track gets and there’s some pretty steep sections but nothing to testing

Les Ayes, 1,850m alt.



Continuing up the trail and checking my watch I realise I have now done over 1,000m of vertical ascent and as I hadn’t done this route before I don’t know much higher I have to go.  There’s obviously amazing views everywhere you turn but when you come across animals it’s always a good excuse to stop, take a some photos and have a breather for a minute or two…thank you cows bulls      :-/


That young black bull wasn’t feeling me at all and I’d left my matador gear at home so thought it was time to continue up the trail and see how high it would take me.  After about another 100m of vertical I reached a small gite and some little shepherds huts and a bit after that and three hours after setting out the trail stopped at about 2,300m alt.  Time for a drink, an energy bar and try to find the top of the Col des Ayes descent so the fun part could begin 🙂

Trail head, 2,305m alt.

End of Part 1…

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Descente du Galibier…

Panoramic from the summit of Col du Galibier

WHEN someone offers to drive you and your bike to the top of one of the highest mountain passes in the Alps, there’s only ever gonna be one answer…oui s’il vous plaît!

At 2,645m altitude the Col du Galibier is the the sixth highest mountain pass in the Alps.  It’s also the natural border of the Haute-Alpes and Savoie départements, in our little corner of France.  And when included in a stage is the highest point on Le Tour…if you’re that way inclined 😉

But more importantly, there’s an awesome 30km trail from the summit down to my front door…happy days 🙂

Département frontière

From the the road it’s a little hike with the bike up to the actual summit which is about 50m alt. higher, obviously with an amazing 360° panoramic view across the this part of the Alps.  It wasn’t exactly warm at the top and there seemed to be some clouds building up from the west so I didn’t hang around admiring the view for too long, put my gloves on and got to the business at hand, of riding down a mountain…fast

At the summit. 2,685m altitude

There’s some real sketchy, steep, rocky stuff coming down off the summit which had me carrying the bike a couple of times but once you hit the trail it’s fast and fun.  Although you’re soon squeezing the brakes as you have to cross the tarmac that runs up to the top.  But after that you’ve got an uninterrupted 5km of fast, rocky descent with some nice big switch-backs as well as the odd local hanging out on the side of the trail

Lucky they mooooved out of my way :-p

After that section you have to cross over the road that goes up to Col du Lautaret and climb over a gate and then you’re into the best part of the descent.  A very fast, loose and rocky track where you really have to look way down the trail, pick and stick to your line ‘cos a crash there is gonna be very, very painful indeed.  There are lots of nice features to hop over including streams and rocks as well as little sections of flowy singletrack next to the main trail that you can cut through.  Because of the rain last weekend the trails are nicely damp which gives your tyres some much appreciated additional grip



That continues for probably another 10km before you link up with a mixture of tarmac and singletrack weaving it’s way through villages, woods & fields as you slowly descend toward the ski villages of Serre Chevalier.  It’s a nice run as it involves a fair bit of peddling too with some short uphill climbs and some pretty hairy rock gardens where you’ve just gotta stay loose on the bars and let yourself go, skittering over the top of the constantly moving surface and trying to avoid the big stuff.  When you get through that lot things chill right out and you’ve got time to enjoy the scenery a bit more as you wind your way further down the valley, towards home…



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Trans-Provence 2012 – Day #5…

…Guillaumes to St-Sauveur-sur-Tinée


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By Amah-Rose Abrams on 28 September 2012 in Mountain Bike Downhill

It’s day 5 at the Trans Provence, the sun is shining and the riders are smiling

It’s day 5 at the Trans Provence and there is a new leader in the men’s category in Nicolas Lau.

For the last two days it has been a contest between last year’s winner Jérôme Clementz and Nicolas Vouilloz. Clementz reclaimed first place yesterday after trailing in second for two consecutive days.

The smiles are back on the faces of the riders and the sun is shining again as the race gets well underway.

In this update from the South of France we also get to meet the mechanics that work keep the bikes running for the Elite and amateur riders.

Overall Classification results after day 5

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Back in the Saddle…

After 2½ weeks with no riding  at all (due to the constant irritation of having to earn the rent!)  I went out and hit it hard today with a 28km ride and a climb up to about 1,530m.  I thought if I left it to later in the afternoon the warmest part of the day would’ve passed – wrong.

It was still about 27°C when I set off but there was a slight breeze which must’ve kept me cool for nearly 20 seconds 😉

I headed down to the river then dodged the dogs, walkers & dog walkers down to the little bridge crossing @ Fortville – it’s a nice, fast 1km run down to there which takes about 3mins.  After that there’s a nice shady 1km climb up to the  little hamlet of Pramorel which has great views across the valley.  Then more climbing on tarmac (about 1.5km) until you get to a cheeky little left turn that I discovered last season – it’s an overgrown 4×4 track that winds up for another 1.5km or so before breaking out into some gnarly downhill (actually one of the resort ski runs back into Briancon) with views over the town.  As is normally the case – it’s all over far too quickly.  The temporary electric fence across the trail and the cows were all that slowed me down.  By the bottom my back brake was smoking – literally…

At the bottom of this run you have to hit the breaks again but extra hard because you come flying out, all Pepsi Maxed up straight into the main road out of town! (on a Friday afternoon)  A couple of hundred metres of tarmac you can cut back and follow the river along some amazing single track back up to the little Fortville bridge.  Although this time you don’t cross it.  Just keep following the trail up river which after a nice climb on a section of fire road and a fountain to fill your water bottle spits you out above the village of Chantemerle.  Then it’s single track heaven until Le Moulin Baron and you cross the valley…and then the real climbing starts…

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Les Balcons St Chaffrey…

Thought I’d do this pretty extreme 25km route (Les Balcons St Chaffrey – trail #30 on the Serre Chevalier Mountain Bike Piste Map) to test out some replacement parts/upgrades that I put on the bike.

The Shimano Deore 11-34t 9-speed cassette was worn out & the jockey wheels on the Shimano Deore LX rear mech looked more like sharks teeth.  The chain was new(ish) but as I was changing to a 10-speed set-up so this needed to be replaced too.

I fitted the new bits (Shimano XT rear mech, 11-32t cassette, XT shifter & SRAM chain) in the morning and drove up to the Col du Granon – a pass at over 2,400m high

Col du Granon

It’s pretty amazing riding up at that height – no trees or vegetation, just rocks covered in lichen.  More like a Lunar or Martian landscape.  At that altitude, once again the trail in places was still covered with the remnants of the winter which made for some sketchy, scree/snow sliding with the bike next to me.

Steep Scree

As I dropped down to around 2,000m things started to get pretty exciting with some very fast, rocky sections of fire road and some nice singletrack and again more places where I was forced to leave the trail because of snow.  Some places the trail split into two with no signs…obviously I took the wrong path but instead of doubling back on myself chose the cross country route which involved crossing streams, stumbling across a heard of chamois and disturbing marmottes (sorry – no pics of any of the wildlife, I’m far too noisy on my approach)

I’ll take the high road…but I should have taken the low road

After crossing a few more fast melt water streams and hitting some pretty scary 60km/h rocky tracks, the actual descent into Monetier is awesome.  More like a World Cup Downhill track with lots of steep, fast switchbacks and plenty of roots, rocks and water bars to get over – my XC bike was definitely running at (or very near) its limits.  By the time I got into Monetier village my arms, hands & fingers were aching, my feet were soaking and I’m sure the brakes were steaming or smoking (or both!)…but I had a massive smile on my face…happy days 🙂



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