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Stop Frame Rider…

An Unlikely Ride: Binary Bike Stop Motion Video


Published on 25 Jun 2013

Take three parts equal love for shooting photos, editing video, and riding bikes. Next toss in that nagging impulse to do something different, even if it requires hours of torturous work, and this video is what you get. In case your eyes deceive you, this is a stop-motion video. Every frame of the video is a photograph, the rider and the bike laying posed on a concrete floor. The ground and trees were later drawn on each photo with a digital pen. Weeks of planning, thirty-five hours of photography totally 1000 pictures, followed by fifty long hours at the computer editing photos, audio, and video. 10,000 minutes of combined work for a two minute video? All worth it if it puts a smile on your face and sparks some creativity in your mind. Thanks for watching.

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PlayMobil Surfers…

Playmobil Surf HD


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Paper Shredder…

A Stop Animation Snowboard Film
Created By: Paul & Stephen Gemignani

One snowboard shredders adventure in an unusual setting.

The Filming Process:
We started with actual sequence photos of Paul riding (taken by his brother Stephen). Then we printed each frame of the sequences on paper and cut out the rider from each one, which we used to re-create the sequences with different backdrops, creating the stop animation effect used in the video – a very SLOW process. It was challenging at times, but it came together in the end. We hope you like the film.


Pre-Production Hours……………..48
Production Hours………………….152
Post Production (Photos)………..19
Post Production (Editing)………..27

246 Hours

Photos Taken:

Video’s Created:

Creating Something With My Brother:
– Priceless –

Go to the source link  and give these guys some props!

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60’s Style…mais pas le Français


One of the benefits of the Serre Chevalier Season Pass is you get a total of 15 days (!) of skiing in all most of the other local stations (with the gaping omission of La Grave) so today we had a family day out at Puy-Saint-Vincent.

You have to drive about a 30min from Briancon to get to the village of Puy-Saint-Vincant 1800 and as soon as you’re driving up the mountain to the resort you can’t help but notice the huge hotel/commercial centre that dominates the station.  I can just imagine the developers in the 1960s with their scale models and stories to the banks of a ‘cruise ship’ in the mountains with all the ‘modern’ amenities anyone could ask for – cinema, 2-seat chair lifts, indoor shopping area etc.

The village has a decidedly non-French vibe about it which feels odd at first but then when you look at all the coaches in the car park with Hungarian & Czech licence plates you realise this place has been left behind and you’ve stepped into a little Alpine slice of Eastern Europe – it’s all a bit clunky.  Luckily – we like clunky  😉

This is a place you should visit for a day or two if you’re in the area;

There’s 1000m of vertical so you can do some decent runs.   The resort is situated on a north face so the snow is awesome.  The old-skool lifts add some wonky character to the place and there’s un-groomed black runs up the top.  For the kids there’s a little sledge run & a playground and the whole place feels generally chilled.  So Puy-Saint-Vincent get’s a Big Hairy Rider Thumbs Up!


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