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Nuts The Size of Mont Blanc…

WORLD speed record on a mountain bike…



Published on 17 Apr 2013

Just a small warning: a short scene in this video may disturb some of our more sensitive viewers, so viewer discretion advised, folks!

World Speed Record On A Mountain Bike

Eric Barone is a French sportsman who made a name for himself by setting world speed records on a bike, both on snow and gravel. On April 15th of 2013, he attempted to beat his own record on snow, which was established in 2002 and stood at 222 km/h.
Did he, did he not? Find out here. No talking, just biking.


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Four by Three, Part #4 : Quarry Smashing…

The 4th and final film by UK downhill’s #1 family – the Atherton’s Four by Three series comes to an end.  Basically, building and smashing it down a custom-built quarry in Wales…what’s not to like?  🙂

Watch part 1 here

Watch part 2 here

Watch part 3 here

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The History of Snowboarding…

burn PRESENTS: We Ride – The Story of Snowboarding


Uploaded on 20 Feb 2013

A compelling, dramatic and stylish cinematic journey into snowboarding’s unique history and the wider cultural forces that shaped it.

Featuring interviews and archival footage with Todd Richards, Gigi Rüf, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Stale Sandbech and Craig Kelly.

We Ride is A burn Production, filmed and edited by Grain Media.

Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and Jon Drever.

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Spiky Rubbers…

Great edit and who doesn’t like a bit of Röyksopp on a sunny winter’s day?


Silvia Films presents : Winter Trails With Matt Hunter

Published on 6 Apr 2012

Matty Hunter shredding in fresh tracks on some local trails surrounding Kamloops. Big thanks to Dylan Sherrard for lighting up Matt in the night section!…

Röyksopp – What Else Is There?


Kamloops, B.C

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The Start of Something Beautiful…?

Easton Haven Alu Bar 31.8 x 711mm – Black




Picked up this awesome all-mountain handlebar for half price from Merlin Cycles

The Easton Haven

Could this be the start of a new build for 2013?  Maybe a Big Mountain, Big Hitter for the Megavalanche next year?  or a true Alpine, All Mounatin, Enduro Racer  for the 2014 Trans-Provence

…watch this space 😉

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First Custom Build – Part #5 (the first ride)…


So – took the Urban Dirt Bomber out on her first proper ride.  About 7km of tarmac to the BMX & Dirt Jump tracks on the other side of Villeneuve.  It turns out the only wet & muddy mountain bike trails in Serre Chevalier are on the BMX track and the dirt jumps!

More like claggy clay than mud

I was a bit worried that the treads on the Schwalbe Table Top tyres would get clogged up with this muck but they shed the sh1t remarkably well.  The bike was awesome on the BMX/pump track but as it’s a Four Cross (4X)  frame this wasn’t really a surprise.  I’m no dirt jumper that’s for sure but I had go, hitting the small and medium sized jumps and again the bike felt light and poppy off the jumps but also stable on the landings..some grippier pedals might be in order though.

Rode the 7-8km of fast, flowy singletrack back through the woods and again the bike was great.  The frame seems to soak up the bumps and bigger hits amazingly well (well better than my other hardtail).  And the tyres are basically fine for the usually dry or at worst only damp trails ’round here.  They provide plenty of grip for climbing too…which was obviously hard work and an out-of-the-seat affair given the 34t single ring configuration.  In fact I wonder with a 2×9 set-up and some playing around with stem & handlebar combinations what this little bike couldn’t do.


All in all – it was about a 20km loop covering a load of different terrain and riding styles.   With a more suitable fork – maybe a 120mm DJ fork I’d be tempted to hit some downhill trails with this next summer…think it could be fun 😉

All shiny again

Click here for Part #1

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First Custom Build – Part #4…

Nukeproof Snap Urban Dirt Bomber

Fully built and ready to ride :

Nukeproof Snap Urban Dirt Bomber!

Ready to roll (and stop)…SLX brakes turned up for the Rockhopper so the Snap build finally got its hand-me-downs in the form of a set of 2006 Shimano Deore M-525’s along with a 180mm rotor on the front with a new set of Superstar Kevlar pads and a 160mm on the back with a new set of Superstar Organics they’ll have more than enough stopping power for the local streets, carparks, stairs, riverside trails and BMX & Dirt Jump tracks.


Swapped out the lightweight Carbon Matrix stem (that was fitted in the previous post) for the more substantial & solid looking Kona BO unit.  Don’t know whether the Kona stem is actually stronger but it looks the part and gives the impression it is.  In my experience, bike riding is mainly down to confidence in yourself and in your bike and when you’ve got a nagging doubt in the back of your mind that a certain component could fail – that’s when mistakes happen


Fitted the new Schwalbe Table Top Timo Pritzel Series tyres and they are seriously grippy!  They’re rated to go upto 65 PSI – I’ve got the front at 40 and the rear at 44 PSI and they were easily holding onto the dry, loose, stoney trails down by the river.  They’re advertised as a dirt/street/BMX tyre so should be perfect for the job in hand…


Also – just found out the local DJ track that was built for a comp last month is staying and free from next month.  It’s right next to the BMX track so when the lifts close and the local DH season ends at the beginning of next month I know where I’ll be playing 😉


There are still are few more blingy bits that will be going on but probably not for a while.  And then there’s the long term plans of upgrading forks & wheels to more suitable components for the type of riding the bike will be doing but for now…



NukeProof Snap ‘Urban Dirt Bomber’

Frame:  2011 NukeProof Snap (Regular, Yellow) @ £200 from

Fork :  2006 Marzocchi MX Comp (Air, 105mm)  –spares-

Tyres :  – Schwalbe Table Tops (2.25”) @ £40 from

Wheels : Sun-Ringle DS2-XC (23mm, 32-hole, 6061 Alloy)  –spares

BrakesShimano Deore M525  -spares-

CranksetTruvativ Hussefelt 1.1 (Ltd. White Edition) @ £40 from

Bottom BracketTruvativ Howitzer XR M12 @ £30 from

34T RingBlackspire Mono Veloce @ £30 from CRC

Chain Device :   Plasma Chain Device @ £50 from Superstar

Rear Mech : 9sp Shimano Deore LX  –spares- (new jockey wheels @ £15)

StemKona B.O (2008) @ £20 from CRC

HandlebarEaston EA50 Monkey Bar 25.4x685mm  –spares-

HeadsetNukeProof Warhead 44IISS @ £40 from CRC

QR CollarSpecialized (Black)  –spares

QR SkewersShimano (Black)  –spares

180mm Front RotorSuperstar ‘Vibe’  spares-

160mm Rear Rotor :  Shimano  -spares-

9sp Cassette :  Deore 11-34 –spares-

PedalsWellgo B0-87spares

GripsNukeProof Element Half Waffle Lock-On (yellow) @ £15 from CRC

Chainstay ProtectorNukeProof Logo Chainstay Protector @ £10 from CRC

Cable Outer :  Goodridge (white) 2m @ £5 from CRC

TOTAL COST : £495.00

Click here for Part #5 (the first ride)

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First Custom Build – Part #3…

NukeProof Snap Urban Dirt Bomber – driveside.  Skull seat

We’re getting there now 🙂   Handlebars, grips and shifter fitted…

Front end

…as well as bottom bracket, full drive train, pedals, chain device and chainstay protector


Also got the decals (nearly straight) on the forks 😉  and the seat, post & Q/R clamp installed


Also have a couple of upgrades/changes to make before the bike is even fully built!

…a pretty very heavy but much more substantial Kona B.O Stem to replace the eXotic Carbon Matrix unit that’s fitted now.  And another set of (new) Schwalbe tyres to replace the (used) Schwalbe tyres that are currently fitted.  Found very good deals on both the new stem and street/dirt Schwalbe Table Top tyres so will have these fitted by the next instalment…


I have ridden the bike and it seems to ride great although it’s impossible to really test it without any brakes!…I’ve found out that a solid pair of skate shoes and exactly 3 bottles of Heineken give the best combination of performance and stupidity when testing a bike with no brakes 😉

Brakes will be fitted in a couple of weeks as well as the new stem and tyres shown above.  Got a brand spanking set of Kevlar brake pads ready to give the old Deore’s a bit of a new lease of life when they are fitted…


Apart from that, Project Urban Dirt Bomber should be shreddin’ the BMX track, dirt jumps, streets & trails de la vallée de Serre Chevalier within a couple of weeks…happy days   🙂

NukeProof Snap Urban Dirt Bomber – non-driveside.  No brakes…yet


Click here for Part #4

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First Custom Build – Part #2…

Wheels, headset & stem

Well, as you can see from the photo – the build itself hasn’t moved on much since  part #1  (13th June)

One of the reasons for this delay is that I’ve been waiting for the chain device to turn up from Superstar Components (see below) before installing the chainset, drive train, pedals etc.

And yes, I could’ve at least installed the bottom bracket but that leads me on to the other main reason things haven’t moved forward much;  I still don’t own a bicycle work stand so a bike with no handlebar (again, see below) is pretty much impossible to work on, as to me – once the bike is upside down – the handlebar of any bike is the work stand! – that’s not completely true, I’ve also been known to use the old classic “wedge-the-rear-tyre-in-between-the-garden-gate-uprights”

new parts received since last post

New parts received since last post;

NukeProof Element Half-Waffle Lock-On Grips  – Yellow

NukeProof Logo Chain Stay Protector  – Black

Superstar Components Plasma Chain Device  – Gold/Red..that’s right, that’s how we’re rollin with this bike 😉

Bomber‘ Marzocchi Fork Decals  – Yellow

Commandeered from Rockhopper since last post

Additional parts ‘freed’ up from Rockhopper;

Easton EA50 Monkey Bar 685mm – Black/Yellow

Specialized Q/R Seatpost Clamp  – Black

I (think I) now have everything for the final build…except brakes!

…I missed out on some amazing deals on Magura brakes from Chain Reaction Cycles last week but as they say…you snooze, you lose 😉

So it’s back to the original plan of upgrading the Rockhopper’s stoppers to Shimano XT (with 2x 180mm rotors) and commandeer the set of Shimano Deore’s as well as the 180mm & 160mm rotors that are on the ‘hopper for the Snap build.

The next instalment should be all lovely photos of a nice, shiny, fully-built, custom-made…

…NukeProof Snap Ride-it-Like-You-Mean-it ‘Urban-Dirt-Bomber…fingers crossed as I’m itching to ride it




Click here for Part #3


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First Custom Build – Part #1…

2011 Nukeproof Snap frame

Decided to build up a fun bike for town, skate park, BMX track etc.  It will be based on the frame above (2011 Nukeproof Snap) and be built up with the aim of ending up with a good, solid bike at a good price.

The fully built versions of this bike sell in the UK for about £1,400 for the ‘Comp’ model and nearly £2,100 for the ‘Pro’ version.  I want my version to come in at less than £500 for everything…we’ll see

I will be using as many of the old/spare components I have lying round as possible and looking for good deals on all the other bits I’ll need.


Above two pictures show the spare parts that I can use for this project that I already have;

Fork :  2006 Marzocchi MX Comp Air (105mm travel)

Wheels :  SunRinglé DS2-XC

Tyres :  Schwalbe Nobby Nic & Racing Ralph

Rear Mech :  Shimano Deore LX Mega9 – needs new jockey wheels (see below)

Shifter :  Shimano Deore Mega9

Cassette :  Shimano CS-HG50-9 11-34

Chain :  Shimano HG-53 9-speed

Rear Brake Rotor :  160mm

Front Brake Adapter :  Superstar 180mm PM-IS

Seat & Post :  Specialized BG

Pedals :  Welgo B087

New Parts

These are the new parts that have already arrived;

Frame :  2011 NukeProof Snap (Regular, Yellow)

Crankset :  Truvativ Hussefelt 1.1 DH (Limited Edition – White)

Bottom Bracket :  Truvativ Hussefelt 

Chain Ring :  Blackspire Mono Veloce 34t  – will replace the 38t ring currently on the crankset.  A 38t single ring set-up is pretty useless in the Alps, unless all you want to use the bike for is lift accessed downhill & bike parks (and I’ve got the DH bike for that 😉  )

Headset :  Nukeproof Warhead 44IISS

Stem :  eXotic Carbon Matrix F Stem – 60mm x 25.4mm

Jockey Wheels :  Tacx Shimano 8, 9, 10-sp (the jockey wheels on the old Deore mech need to be replaced)

Gear Cable Outer/Casing :  Goodridge – White

Grass Snap

There’s still a few more bits on the way and some parts still to free up from the Rockhopper.  I’ll show these in the next instalment and hopefully it’ll be looking a little more bike-like by then 😉

Click here for Part #2

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