The Real Afgani Sh1t Man…

GREAT 13min movie with Matt Hunter in the back of beyond


Forgotten Dirt – Matt Hunter

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The Making of a Tough Mudder…update


Salomon Speedcross 3 CS Trail Running Shoe

ALORS, at the end of last week I broke the 10km barrier and under the time I’d set myself of 50mins so I’m obviously moving in the right direction with this clueless training program I’ve set myself.  I did it in 48:40 so not much to spare but I’m not sure if I’ll get any faster than that because it felt like I was pretty much flat out for the entire distance.

What it does mean, is that my goal of being able to run 12km in under 60mins by the time of the Tough Mudder at the beginning of June (well – end of May actually, as apparently you should rest up with no hardcore training for the week before a big race/event like this) is still on…like Donkey Kong 🙂

And even better news…is that those bad boys in the photo above turned up today!  And. They. Feel. Awesome!  Lots of support but very flexible and a serious tread pattern (is that only for tyres or can you use that for shoe soles too?) that looks like they’ll have me eating up these Alpine trails with no problem at all…well that’s the idea.  And everyone knows red stuff makes you go faster anyway 😉


1st 10km run!

1st 10km run!

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Gyakusou Collection 2012…

Behind The Scenes :


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Gyakusou Collection 2011…

Behind the Scenes: Nike x Undercover – Gyakusou Collection

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The Outdoor Life…

…brought to you by Norrøna 😉

Welcome to svalbard

Welcome to svalbard from Norrona on Vimeo.

The North Pole has a neighbour: Svalbard. It’s one of the world’s most striking wilderness areas, and it’s where Norrøna came up with one of its greatest and most popular concepts: svalbard. Inspired by vast glaciers, fantastic fjords and jagged peaks, svalbard also honours polar heroes of past and present. These products are outdoor essentials – arctic quality cotton for winter use, rugged summer mountain wear, renowned synkron™ backpacks and a special expeditionary concept developed personally by Børge Ousland. Durability and weather protection characterize Norrøna’s entire svalbard series. Yet we use materials that are kinder to the environment, like recycled polyester and organic cotton. View the products here:

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40 Thieves Cartel Shirt Giveaway!!!

40 Thieves Cartel Tee's

40 Thieves Cartel Tee’s

SO – here it is…the Big, Hairy, T-Shirt Giveaway!!…brought to you from London, UK via Nha Trang, Vietnam to the French southern Alps, in association with the big Forty Thieves Cartel !!


We will be giving away…


btw – don’t forget to check what tHR  is listening to, with the little player on the right there 😉 >>

40 Thieves Bullets

40 Thieves Bullets

The Tee will be sent out by international post to ONE LUCKY WINNER…and that winner will be the person (or animal) that gives us our 100th ‘Like here, over at the top of the right-hand column there >> or direct on our Facebook page below;


The Tee will be from the Red Label Series or the Grey Label Series so check out the webby below or at the top of this page to see which are your favourite designs* – also don’t forget to keep checking the Forty Thieves website for new designs!

link : 40 Thieves Cartel website

link : 40 Thieves Cartel on Facebook


40 Thieves Bandit

40 Thieves Bandit

*Winner cannot choose which T-shirt they want but they will be given options of size and colour

#40thieves #tshirt #giveaway

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The Hairy Rider’s Best Products of 2012…

WITH the 3 days of near constant snowfall in this part of the Alps, our season passes arriving in the post and local resorts opening all over the place – I wanted to post a nice little snowboarding movie that’s just been released – but apparently I have to wait 7 days for the temporary copyright to be removed before it can be posted on blogs and whatnot…obviously that’ll have to wait til next week…nay bother

So instead I thought I’d do a little list of The Hairy Rider’s best products of 2012…now these aren’t necessarily new products that have been released in 2012 – just stuff that’s been purchased this year.  And the list is in no particular order…it’s just sh1t I dig?

tHR – La Liste de 2012

2013 Shimano M675 SLX Brakes

2013 Shimano M675 SLX Brakes

THESE are some serious stoppers – especially at not too much over £100 delivered (from Rose Bikes).  Amazing amounts of power and modulation.  These are marketed as a budget to mid-range brake with the Deores coming below and the XT and XTR above but I would have absolutely no hesitation to install a set of these on the Downhill Bike…los perros cojones!

Boku Super Food Drink Powder

Boku Super Food Nutrient Dense Organic Drink Powder

HERE you have an amazing way to start the day…the list of ingredients in this stuff is seriously impressive;  14 different types of mushroom (Boku Super Tákes™),  7 different types of sprouts (Boku Super Sprouts™),  15 different types of fruit (Boku Super Fruit™) – to name but a few.  Just add a scoop or two to your breakfast smoothie, shake, protien drink or whatever and you are getting  some serious additional goodness in your body.  Everything is freeze-dried so all the active enzymes and whatnot are still live and kicking.  Cannot recommend this stuff highly enough!

Continental Rubber Queen and Mountain King II – Black Chilli Tyres

THIS tyre combo is amazing!…the Black Chilli Compound gives a ridiculous amount of grip, even on loose, dusty Alpine trails and the Mountain King’s Protection reinforcement seems (so far) to be able to take the rigours of razor sharp flint and rock strikes without making a mark on the sidewalls.  Rolling resistance is pretty good for such a grippy, chunky tread.  The Rubber Queen (dodgy, dodgy name that) has a pretty high side profile with a high capacity and tough feeling carcass – I’ve been running the front one well under 30psi with no ill effects so far…except a sh1t load of grip!  German engineering at it’s MTBing best

Gore Bike Wear Contest 2.0 AS WindStopper

Gore Bike Wear Contest 2.0 AS WindStopper

I don’t reckon you can get a better autumn/spring mountain bike jacket for this part of The Alps.  This thing does exactly what it says on the tin and weighs next to nothing.  November rides over here means climbing in maybe 10-20°C which will always keep you very, very warm but when you get to up over 2,000m covered in sweat it can get decidedly chilly, and if there’s even a light breeze it can be damn right cold all the way down…this little baby keeps the wind off, the warmth in but lets a lot of moisture out.  It will also keep off the rare light shower of rain or prolonged drizzle that very occasionally rears its head ’round these parts.  It’s also shaped for riding with long back, high collar, snug fit and pre-shaped arms…perfect

Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Almonds & Q10

Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Almonds & Q10

NUTTY goodness.  This stuff is packed with the right gear.  For example – a daily 30g serving provides;
4.9g of Omega 3,  13% Daily Value of Zinc and 10% Iron,  Low Glycemic Index (GI) for weight management and 5.4g of Dietary Fibre  as well as being an excellent source of Selenium and Magnesium with 36% and 25% respectively of your RDA in just one serving.  Add that to the obvious benefits of Flaxseed and all those ground nuts you’ve gotta great mix to add to porridge, cereal, smoothies, protein or milk shakes..whatever really…the good sh1t

Will add to this list through December but these are just a few of this years top buys…

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I Must Buy One Of Those Splendid Jackets…

Cool Mountain Biking Film Norrøna Clothing Commercial 😉     Either way – Fjørå, Norway looks like an amazing place to ride.

(having trouble embedding the film on here so click link below)

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No More Cold Hands…

…When using the phone up the mountains.  Found these ‘Touch Gloves’ for €5.  I tried some Nike (I think) ones on in Footlocker in Grenoble a couple of weeks back which were €15.

Hopefully cam-phone photos should be better, messages should have less spelling mistakes & I’ll stop dialling incorrect numbers, as my fingers wont be numb!


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