The Hairy Riders Quiver;


Arbor A-Frame 2010 :

“Arbor’s big-mountain gun for riders who want superior on-edge performance; the A-frame will lock-and-hold a deeply carved line, provide powerful control in the steeps, and deliver amazing stability at speed.  Don’t miss the bamboo Power Rails, which deliver unmatched return.”

the 2010 Arbor A-Frame. A big mountain stick for the backcountry


Burton Custom 2008 :

“The Burton Custom Snowboard 2008—the legend just keeps getting better. No other board in history has had more influence on the progression of modern-day freestyle than the Burton Custom. With Mads Jonsson, Heikki Sorsa, and Mason Aguirre at the controls, freestyle’s future has never been brighter. With an easy-to-throw-around, twin-like shape and graphics so fresh and so clean (clean) it’s filthy, the Burton Custom kills it from the halfpipe to the piste. As the shred crew continues to explore the outer limits of what’s considered possible on a snowboard, the design crew continues to explore the outer limits of what’s possible for the Burton Custom Snowboard.”

the 2008 Burton Custom, a real all-mountain board. From park to piste from crust to pow


Burton Malolo ‘Flying Fish’ 2007 :

“Ultimate versatility. Bridging the gap between freeride and freestyle, the Malolo’s surf-inspired tapered shape sinks the tail while keeping the nose afloat to increase speed in deep snow, creating a playful feel and unmatched drive in any snow condition imaginable. Now enhanced with all our finest performance technologies, from natural features to groomers and park kickers, the Malolo is one board that truly rules the entire mountain.”

the 2007 Burton Malolo, for floating in deep powder


Sims Impulse 2005 :

“All-Mountain performance, The Sims Impulse incorporates a predictable and forgiving radial sidecut, medium flex, extra-tough sidewall construction, and alloy tip and tail protectors to keep your board safe from all that threatens it. The Impulse is loaded with features and performance.”

the 2005 Sims Impulse - a very good value all mountain board at the time

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