Unshackle Yourself From iTunes…

THERE is another way….

If you haven’t already got a Google account…first of all, why not?…second , get one, now! – I’m sure you know what website to go to to get one ūüėČ

Google Play Music & Google Music Manager lets you upload¬†up to¬†20,000 tracks – that’s twenty thousand tracks – to Google’s servers and then lets you listen to all your music from any device that’s logged into your Google Account….for FREE, from anywhere!

Google Play Music

Once you install the app on your computer, it will scan your iTunes folder or whatever folder you keep your music in and upload it all to the big G’s servers…if you’ve got a big music collection, that can obviously take a while but it all goes on it the background with a little icon telling you how many tracks it’s uploaded so far.

The clever bit is, that if it finds tracks in your music collection that are already available on Google Play (Google’s music service), it wont bother uploading them – Google will just give you rights/access to play them from it’s servers as well as download them onto other devices you own (computers & Android phones & tablets)

So you now have a free multi-room, multi-city, multi-country audio system! ¬†Not only that – you’ve basically turned any internet connected computer on the planet into your personal stereo, with all your music on it…what’s not to like? ūüôā

Google Play Music UI

Google Play Music UI

In my opinion, the Google Play ‘My Music’ user interface is far nicer to look at and easier to navigate than iTunes is, was or ever will be – plus for something that’s a cloud-based web-app it’s¬†surprisingly¬†quick, in fact except for a slight delay from when you hit Play to when the music starts, it seems to be faster to get around than the sluggish, bloated Apple software.

Give it a try, you wont be¬†disappointed…

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