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Akrigg, Kabbani, Malaga…

CHRIS Akrigg and Amir Kabbani take on Malaga, Spain during the 2012 Mongoose Mountain Bike Road Trip. There isn’t a better place to spot a Mongoose Bicycle then in the mountains of Malaga, Spain. A run-yourself-ragged road trip with 2 of the best riders in the business…

Mongoose MTB Road Trip – 2012;

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Ghost Town Riders…

GHOST Town Skateboarding in the incredible town of Ordos!  A city in China built for 1 million people and currently inhabited by just a few thousand…

Ghost Town Skateboarding – Ordos;


It’s been called the Dubai of northern China, showered with wealth, packed with public infrastructure and located near to precious natural resources in a region plagued by water-supply troubles.

Ordos is a ghost town located in Inner Mongolia. Seeing the potential of this city in terms of spots we decided to organize a skate trip and be the first ones to skate such a surreal place.

Directed, filmed & edited by: Charles Lanceplaine
Additional filming: Patrik Wallner & Tommy Zhao
Music: You Me by Hamacide + Chacha
Sound mix: Gaetan Lourmiere

Skaters: Jay Meador, Gustav Nymans, Tommy Zhao, Alexander Hwang, James Capps, Elliott Zelinskas & Brian Dolle



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2012 Transition Bandit 29…

I must admit, this bike review only really appealed to me because of the track they’ve used on the POV video, about halfway down the page! – Reanimation by Blackalicious – awesome tune!
Please note : This review is taken in full from –  You can read the original article by clicking the link below;
…or read it all here 🙂
2012 Transition Bandit 29 Bike Bandit29_1
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Compare to other Bikes


“Total Mountain Tamer”

The Good: Burly and nimble 29er with a DH pedigree // Solid build // Respectable weight // Good climbing mannersThe Bad: Stock saddle

Overall Review:Whiskey Trail- Rossland, BCAfter 5 months of riding at a variety of demanding zones (GJ, Moab, Sedona, Squamish, Nelson, Whistler, Bellingham) it is time for an official Bandit 29 (B29) review. Is this new wagon wheeler from Transition really all that and then some? Is it the game changer that it has been made out to be? Of course the wagon wheels are not for everyone and I am not going to try andconvince you to convert. I am just going to share my observations with this extraordinary mountain bike. NOTE: This is a review of the 2012 Bandit 29. With the recent release of the Covert 29 in 2013, Transition is making changes to the 2013 Bandit frame (slightly less travel, slightly steeper head angle, maybe others) which will change the characteristics of the bike.My BiasesI am 5’10”, 170lbs and come from an AM/SS riding history (think enjoyingFree Lunch/Pucker Up on a rigid hardtail). This is my first FS 29er but I have been on 29ers since 2003. I ride for Grassroots Cycles and bought this bike from the shop in April of 2012. For my personal bike, I traded in the 2×10 drivetrain for a 1×10 with a spiderless 30t MRP Bling Ring and Micro G2SL chainguide, Added a KS dropper post, Deity Components Blacklabel bar and pedals, and a 40mm Truvativ stem. I have also been playing with different tire combos as my riding style isn’t rewarded by the stock Maxxis Ardents.

Freshly built


One thing is for sure, at $3549 (US) complete the B29 is one of the best values in premium bikes today. For a little over double the cost of the frame alone ($1599 US), you get top of the line suspension from Fox Racing Shox, a no fuss X7, 2×10 grouppo from SRAM, and burly wheels from Transition weighing in complete (w/o pedals) at just under 31 pounds. Reasonable component upgrades can bring the weight under 30lbs with a dropper seatpost. Weight wennies are seeing 26-27lbs with unobtanium level builds.

For me, the only gripes with the stock build are the cranks and stock saddle. The cranks are flexy and the saddle is the most uncomfortable surface I have ever rested my arse on. The wheels are also quite heavy, but that is the price you pay for getting stiff and strong 29er wheels that can cope with the punishment the rest of the bike was built to handle.

I was most surprised by the level of quality in the finish. The welds and paint look like they belong on a one-off custom, not a $1600 Taiwan frame. All of the threads were clean as a whistle, requiring no facing, very good stuff.

Here are some of the key frame features:

  • Sizes- M/L/XL (18, 19.5, 21)
  • Colors- black, pewter, or bright green
  • Tapered headtube
  • Hydroformed tubes (toptube and downtube)
  • ISCG 05 chain guide tabs
  • Dropper post cable routing
  • 2 water bottle mounts
  • Ample frame clearance for the beefiest 29er tires on the market
  • Sealed cartridge bearings in all pivots
  • 12×142 dropouts with replaceable dropouts convertible to 10×135

The Bandit at rest- Sedona, AZ


As for frame geometry Transition has focused on taking the compact, low, slack characteristics found on their more gravity oriented sleds, and marrying it with a pedal friendly linkage to create a confidence inspiring trail bike that laughs in the face of 29er stereotypes. The effective top tube length is short for typical industry sizing coming in almost a full inch shorter than other companies similarly sized offerings. The short top tube lengths are necessary to avoid a limo length wheelbase and consequent slow handling. The seat tube angle is fairly steep, which keeps more rider weight forward and the reach short allowing the bike to climb with good manners despite having a headtube angle on the slack side (68.5* for 2012). Looking for one ride to do it all, I choose a large Bandit 29 in pewter. I am 5’10” and could ride either a large or medium according to Transitions’ sizing guidelines. I chose a large as the reach and top-tube numbers are similar to what I am used to riding and I wanted to run wide bars and a short stem while keeping a roomy cockpit. Sometimes I find myself wishing for the medium as the large is harder to manual and more difficult to work through the really tight sections than the medium for a person of my stature, but I still feel right at home on the large and really enjoy the spacious cockpit for a bike that has to do it all from all-day epics to laps on flow trails at the bike park.

Riding Traits

Who says 29ers can’t do tight and technical?

This is a bike that refuses to be categorized by the xc, trail, all-mountain nomenclatures that we have grown to accept in today’s mtb world. This is a mountain bike, pure and simple. The B29 feels at home from XC epics, to the steep and committing trails of BC, to the airy flow lines at Whistler and Crested Butte. There isn’t much this bike isn’t capable of.

All-day XC rides are a dream with 5″ of uber-plush travel and the big wheels. This spring, I took the Bandit 29 on a 4 day, 150 mile ride of the Kokopelli Trail and I never wished I was on any other bike. It takes a very special bike to comfortably and confidently take you from the technical singletrack of Fruita, CO through the rolling sandy double track of the Colorado River bluff country, descend the infamous Rose Garden Hill, climb into the La Sal Mountains TWICE, and then descend UPS,LPS,Porc Rim to Moab,UT all without batting an eye.

The Bandit 29 is a capable climber that will go uphill efficiently but without a lot of snap. After riding a few of the “masterful climbing” dual link bikes, I was pleasantly surprised by the B29 as it climbs with little pedal induced bob like a dual link bike but displayed almost no pedal kickback unlike the dual link bikes. The B29 does ride lower in its travel than most bikes. Some like this trait, some don’t. I found it to aid my climbing by allowing for the rear wheel to track the ground better and give more traction for climbing over roots, rocks, and ledges.

Whiskey Trail- Rossland, BC

The suspension soaks up the trail with aplomb and a plush yet bottomless feel. Everything from small bumps over pebbles to serious air time jump lines, drops to flat, and high speed chatter are met with composure and buttery smoothness. The custom tuned Fox RP23 and Float 34 work great together creating a progressive feel that ramps up ever so slightly so that it is hard to feel the bottom yet never feels harsh. Genius suspension/linkage tuning by Fox and Transition on the B29 has created the finest riding suspension platform out of the box that I have pedaled to date.

Point it downhill and the Bandit 29 shows its true pedigree. While it may not be as playful as its 26” sibling, the Bandit 29 does a great job of making the big wheels feel nimble. It is easy to manual and willingly flies from lip to transition without drama. The short HT and low BB really help the bike corner with confidence that I have never felt on a 29er before riding the B29.

I just recently wrapped up a 3 week tour of British Columbia and the PNW testing the B29’s mettle in legendary freeride locales like- Nelson, Squamish, Whistler, North Vancouver, and Bellingham. I may have been the only one on big wheels in most of these zones (and received my fair share of teasing for it) but the Bandit killed! The big wheeled Bandit showed no hesitation on the steep greasy roots and rocks of the North Shore. The bike went right where I pointed it and kept encouraging me to go faster and to fly farther than a trail-bike should. Sure, the steep, fall-line trails and vertical rock-slabs were a bit beyond the Bandit’s comfort zone. But all that meant was stopping to scope the stunts before committing. All but the big mandatory gap stunts and steepest slabs were ridden aboard a 5″ 29er while locales on DH bikes looked on, stunned. The only places I was left wishing for a 26″ bike was on trails where the cornering was critical to find the flow and the air time was plentiful. These are more shortcomings of the wheel size than the bike.

Doz Slabz- Nelson, BC

Some attributes of the B29 that pins the fun meter are:

  • Short wheel base. A big contributor to the “playfulness” of the bike
  • Slack head tube angles. Confidence inspiring on the descents
  • Steep seat tube angle. Balanced on steep inclines
  • Short head tube. Keep the stack height low for a lower center of gravity
  • Low BB height. Low center of gravity, better cornering
  • Short chainstays. Keep it tight to keep it fun

This bike fits well in so many different scenarios that it really is a great all around mountain bike. Love long distance epics? Build it light and the bike will keep you fresh into the wee hours of the morning. Enduro/Super-D racing? Add a dropper seatpost and 1×10 w/chain guide and blow away the competition. Just want a bike that you can have fun on, day in, day out? Buy it stock, don’t change a thing and pedal away into the sunset knowing you are on one of the most thorough mountain bikes out there today.

Virgin Ride- Grand Junction, CO

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JP Auclair Street Segment…

…from Sherpas Cinemas’ All.I.Can


Uploaded by  on Nov 29, 2011

Check the award-winning 70min film, “All.I.Can.” by Sherpas Cinema
iTunes Download HD:
Blu-ray and DVD: order from

Press reviews:
– “The best movie in skiing.” – Jamey Voss, ESPN
– “Like listening to a Zeppelin song.” – John Stifter, Powder Magazine:
– “The Sherpas are firmly in the lead of a new wave of filmmakers that are changing the face of ski films for good.” – Leslie Anthony, Skier Magazine:
– “Captivating. Fascinating. Life Changing.” – Todd Heath, BombSnow Magazine.

All.I.Can Awards:
“BEST FEATURE-LENGTH MOUNTAIN FILM” – Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011
“BEST DOCUMENTARY” – IF3 Film Festival Montreal 2011
“MOST INNOVATIVE VISUAL FX” – IF3 Film Festival Montreal 2011
“BEST SKI FILM” – Adventure Film Festival, Boulder 2011

This segment directed by Dave Mossop & JP Auclair
Location: Trail, Rossland, and Nelson, BC.
Notice anything at 0:44?

Music: Dance Yrself Clean, by LCD Soundsystem.

Thanks for joining us!!

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Roles Reversed…


Tue 16th Oct, 2012 @ 9:39 am

By Jon Bokrantz

After a long year behind the lens I needed to switch things up and move over to the other side of the glass. Time to reverse the roles; outsource the director duties and instead play the leading roll. This film perpetuates that riding bikes will always be more important than capturing it with a camera.

Music: I Blame Coco feat. RobynCeasar / AWOLNATIONGuilty Filhty Soul

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Double Down, Part 1…

Looking east from Le Mélezin, 1,880m alt.

IT had been a week since my last ride (sounds like an AA meeting), although been hacking ’round town & skatepark on the Nukeproof most days – but not a proper off-road shred in the mountains and that is what’s required for a peaceful mind and happy body.  So on Friday afternoon I decided to go for a big one, and what turns out might’ve been the last high altitude shred of the season…

I went to tackle the Double Descents of Col Des Ayes & Le Mélezin which when I look up at them today (3 days later) are both covered in fresh snow after the first pre-season dump that’s reached its icy hand below 2,000m

First dump to reach below 2,000m

When I say Double Descents that obviously means Double Ascents too!  I set out at about 14h00 at the usual fast pace down to the river then through town to Villar-St-Pancrace and then you climb.  It’s a nice easy fire road all the way up to the little hameau of Les Ayes which sits at about 1,750m alt.  After Les Ayes you get up to a nice clearing/pic-nic spot where you cross the river and continue onwards and upwards…the higher you go the worse the track gets and there’s some pretty steep sections but nothing to testing

Les Ayes, 1,850m alt.



Continuing up the trail and checking my watch I realise I have now done over 1,000m of vertical ascent and as I hadn’t done this route before I don’t know much higher I have to go.  There’s obviously amazing views everywhere you turn but when you come across animals it’s always a good excuse to stop, take a some photos and have a breather for a minute or two…thank you cows bulls      :-/


That young black bull wasn’t feeling me at all and I’d left my matador gear at home so thought it was time to continue up the trail and see how high it would take me.  After about another 100m of vertical I reached a small gite and some little shepherds huts and a bit after that and three hours after setting out the trail stopped at about 2,300m alt.  Time for a drink, an energy bar and try to find the top of the Col des Ayes descent so the fun part could begin 🙂

Trail head, 2,305m alt.

End of Part 1…

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First Powder Day Of The Season…

…in Jotunheimen, Norway 😦


THIS will get you in the mood for the winter.  It’s gonna be a good one, I can feel it in me waters 😉


First powder day of the season 12/13.  Surfing the good stuff earned in Jotunheimen, Norway, September 23. 2012. With Thomas and Ella.

Opening powder day 2012/13 from Torkel Karoliussen on Vimeo

Norwegian: Les blogpost her:

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Descente du Galibier…

Panoramic from the summit of Col du Galibier

WHEN someone offers to drive you and your bike to the top of one of the highest mountain passes in the Alps, there’s only ever gonna be one answer…oui s’il vous plaît!

At 2,645m altitude the Col du Galibier is the the sixth highest mountain pass in the Alps.  It’s also the natural border of the Haute-Alpes and Savoie départements, in our little corner of France.  And when included in a stage is the highest point on Le Tour…if you’re that way inclined 😉

But more importantly, there’s an awesome 30km trail from the summit down to my front door…happy days 🙂

Département frontière

From the the road it’s a little hike with the bike up to the actual summit which is about 50m alt. higher, obviously with an amazing 360° panoramic view across the this part of the Alps.  It wasn’t exactly warm at the top and there seemed to be some clouds building up from the west so I didn’t hang around admiring the view for too long, put my gloves on and got to the business at hand, of riding down a mountain…fast

At the summit. 2,685m altitude

There’s some real sketchy, steep, rocky stuff coming down off the summit which had me carrying the bike a couple of times but once you hit the trail it’s fast and fun.  Although you’re soon squeezing the brakes as you have to cross the tarmac that runs up to the top.  But after that you’ve got an uninterrupted 5km of fast, rocky descent with some nice big switch-backs as well as the odd local hanging out on the side of the trail

Lucky they mooooved out of my way :-p

After that section you have to cross over the road that goes up to Col du Lautaret and climb over a gate and then you’re into the best part of the descent.  A very fast, loose and rocky track where you really have to look way down the trail, pick and stick to your line ‘cos a crash there is gonna be very, very painful indeed.  There are lots of nice features to hop over including streams and rocks as well as little sections of flowy singletrack next to the main trail that you can cut through.  Because of the rain last weekend the trails are nicely damp which gives your tyres some much appreciated additional grip



That continues for probably another 10km before you link up with a mixture of tarmac and singletrack weaving it’s way through villages, woods & fields as you slowly descend toward the ski villages of Serre Chevalier.  It’s a nice run as it involves a fair bit of peddling too with some short uphill climbs and some pretty hairy rock gardens where you’ve just gotta stay loose on the bars and let yourself go, skittering over the top of the constantly moving surface and trying to avoid the big stuff.  When you get through that lot things chill right out and you’ve got time to enjoy the scenery a bit more as you wind your way further down the valley, towards home…



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Red Bull Rampage 2012, Live Tonight…

Red Bull Rampage 2012

Mountain Bike Slopestyle thrills from the USA

Red Bull Rampage keeps the creative, unrestricted ethos of freeride mountain biking alive, but within the contest circuit. Poised on a sandstone ridge in the brutal landscape near Virgin, Utah, riders are free to choose whatever line they dare between an established start gate and the finish line 1,500 vertical feet below. Exactly what happens between those two points will, once again, be nothing short of groundbreaking. Watch it LIVE on Red Bull TV.

Watch it LIVE! tonight from 9PM (UK time) here

For more info, qualifying, videos, riders etc – click here

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Not Riding But Falling…With Style…EDIT : 2HRS UNTIL LAUNCH!

The countdown has begun for Felix Baumgartner’s epic jump from the edge of space. Supported by a team of experts, Felix will ascend in a helium balloon to an altitude of 120,000 ft / 36,576 m where he will take a leap of faith into the unknown in an attempt to become the first person to break the speed of sound during freefall

Watch it LIVE at and !!

Felix Baumgartner draws from his extensive BASE jumping and skydiving history to prepare himself for the Final Mission. He relives the challenges he has already successfully accomplished and reveals the philosophy that drives him to push himself further and higher.!/RedBullStratos

Click here to watch the Red Bull Stratos CGI Clip:

Watch Felix’s first successful Test Jump here:

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