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First Custom Build – Part #3…

NukeProof Snap Urban Dirt Bomber – driveside.  Skull seat

We’re getting there now 🙂   Handlebars, grips and shifter fitted…

Front end

…as well as bottom bracket, full drive train, pedals, chain device and chainstay protector


Also got the decals (nearly straight) on the forks 😉  and the seat, post & Q/R clamp installed


Also have a couple of upgrades/changes to make before the bike is even fully built!

…a pretty very heavy but much more substantial Kona B.O Stem to replace the eXotic Carbon Matrix unit that’s fitted now.  And another set of (new) Schwalbe tyres to replace the (used) Schwalbe tyres that are currently fitted.  Found very good deals on both the new stem and street/dirt Schwalbe Table Top tyres so will have these fitted by the next instalment…


I have ridden the bike and it seems to ride great although it’s impossible to really test it without any brakes!…I’ve found out that a solid pair of skate shoes and exactly 3 bottles of Heineken give the best combination of performance and stupidity when testing a bike with no brakes 😉

Brakes will be fitted in a couple of weeks as well as the new stem and tyres shown above.  Got a brand spanking set of Kevlar brake pads ready to give the old Deore’s a bit of a new lease of life when they are fitted…


Apart from that, Project Urban Dirt Bomber should be shreddin’ the BMX track, dirt jumps, streets & trails de la vallée de Serre Chevalier within a couple of weeks…happy days   🙂

NukeProof Snap Urban Dirt Bomber – non-driveside.  No brakes…yet


Click here for Part #4

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Dirty Jumper, Catalan Style…

Some amazing DJ & MX skills from Barcelona’s Andreu Lacondeguy.  Dirt Jumping, Catalan Style.  Check it…

LACON DE CATALONIA – Andreu Lacondeguy

Some time has passed since Antimedia pointed our lenses towards the world of mountainbiking, and we figured it was time to go back to our roots and make a new MTB edit.
For us the best place to do this is Andreu’s new training compound in Llinars del Valles outside of Barcelona.
In 2011 Andreu bought Edgar Torronteras’ FMX compound, built a 13 meter tall run-in to compensate for his lack of horsepowers, and brought his a-game to his everyday life.
As usual Andreus riding didn´t dissapoint, and we had a blast with a week of dirt, cameras, drones, motocross and mountain bikes

SOUNDTRACK:  Jonathan Sigsworth ( /Trond G. Hansen
GRAPHIC DESIGN:  Dennis Magnus-Andresen
SOUND DESIGN:  Trond G. Hansen
FILMERS:  Andreas Braaten, Trond G. Hansen, Niels Windfeldt
DRONE PILOT:  Daniell P. Ashby

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Bike, Board, Surf, Ski, Skate…

If you’ve got half an hour to kill, do yourself a favour – make a cuppa or crack open a Heineken 😉 kick back and watch this pretty cool edit of a few guys that definitely look like they’re loving the ride in what looks like an amazing country of amazing contrasts…

From :

“What you are going to see is not a film about sporting performances, but the story of a journey made by friends, passionate about sport, during three weeks in a destination unknown to them: Chile.

Ce que vous allez découvrir n’est pas un film d’exploits sportifs, mais le récit d’un voyage de passionnés durant 3 semaines, dans une destination qui leur était inconnue : Le Chili

Chorus – The Movie  (Full Edit)

More info :

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