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Strength in Numbers…


Tomorrow, May 24th,  Anthill Films and Red Bull Media House will be breaking new ground by offering a free online premiere of Strength in Numbers on  The premiere will begin at 12pm PST with a live event where the crew and riders will be online chatting and sharing the experience with fans all over the world.  After the first showing, the film will loop until 8pm PST to give anyone who couldn’t make the 12pm show a chance to see Strength in Numbers.

Following the online premiere the film, Strength in Numbers will be available on iTunes worldwide and through a Collectors Edition DVD+BluRay+Download combo pack on May 25th.  Viewers who enjoyed the film can support the filmmakers by ordering their own copy at www.anthillfilms/strengthinnumbers/buy.

You can like and/or share the Facebook page for the event here :

You can also tune in to see Strength in Numbers tomorrow on and

Thanks for your support!

Anthill Films


Viewed at a distance, the world of mountain biking is a network of seemingly similar but disconnected communities. Freeride. Downhill. Big Mountain. All Mountain. Dirt Jump. Slopestyle. A sport of individuals, equally defined by their many differences, as the common threads that bind. And while our story doesn’t follow a straight line, we all end up in the same place. Tire to ground, foot to pedal, hand to bar – communities drawn together by trails of dirt.

A new action sport documentary, Strength in Numbers is a rally call to connect all mountain bikers, regardless of location or language or discipline. The film captures a true way of life, from the world’s best pros to those who are just learning to love the sport. Shot over two years in some of mountain biking’s most iconic locations, Anthill’s signature style combines compelling stories with core action to create a shared experience that unites all riders. Come join us!

Strength in Numbers is produced, written, directed and edited by Anthill Films in co-production with Red Bull Media House. Presented by Shimano and Trek in association with Contour HD, Clif Bar, and PRO Components. Additional support for the film is provided by the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Kona, Toyota Trucks, Scion, Oakley, Easton, Evoc, Big Mountain Adventures, Verbier St. Bernard and Ride Nepal.

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Produced, written, directed and edited by Anthill Films in co-production with Red Bull Media House. Presented by Shimano and Trek in association with Contour HD Clif Bar and PRO Components.
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Les Balcons St Chaffrey…

Thought I’d do this pretty extreme 25km route (Les Balcons St Chaffrey – trail #30 on the Serre Chevalier Mountain Bike Piste Map) to test out some replacement parts/upgrades that I put on the bike.

The Shimano Deore 11-34t 9-speed cassette was worn out & the jockey wheels on the Shimano Deore LX rear mech looked more like sharks teeth.  The chain was new(ish) but as I was changing to a 10-speed set-up so this needed to be replaced too.

I fitted the new bits (Shimano XT rear mech, 11-32t cassette, XT shifter & SRAM chain) in the morning and drove up to the Col du Granon – a pass at over 2,400m high

Col du Granon

It’s pretty amazing riding up at that height – no trees or vegetation, just rocks covered in lichen.  More like a Lunar or Martian landscape.  At that altitude, once again the trail in places was still covered with the remnants of the winter which made for some sketchy, scree/snow sliding with the bike next to me.

Steep Scree

As I dropped down to around 2,000m things started to get pretty exciting with some very fast, rocky sections of fire road and some nice singletrack and again more places where I was forced to leave the trail because of snow.  Some places the trail split into two with no signs…obviously I took the wrong path but instead of doubling back on myself chose the cross country route which involved crossing streams, stumbling across a heard of chamois and disturbing marmottes (sorry – no pics of any of the wildlife, I’m far too noisy on my approach)

I’ll take the high road…but I should have taken the low road

After crossing a few more fast melt water streams and hitting some pretty scary 60km/h rocky tracks, the actual descent into Monetier is awesome.  More like a World Cup Downhill track with lots of steep, fast switchbacks and plenty of roots, rocks and water bars to get over – my XC bike was definitely running at (or very near) its limits.  By the time I got into Monetier village my arms, hands & fingers were aching, my feet were soaking and I’m sure the brakes were steaming or smoking (or both!)…but I had a massive smile on my face…happy days 🙂



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Anticipation Pt. 1…

Those lucky b@st@rds across the pond!  We’ve gotta wait over 4 weeks until Mongenevre opens for the summer and another 2 weeks after that until Serre Chevalier’s Bike Park opens.  Whistler, B.C look like they’re almost ready to go…

Anticipation Pt. 1 :

Opening day at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park is just days away and the anticipation to ride is at an all time high. After a long and very snowy winter in Whistler, the first tastes of summer are finally hitting the tongue as warm weather moves in and the first Giant Glory bikes arrive. With Trail Crew putting in countless hours digging, raking, packing and repacking, the first drop down A-Line will seem like summer never left. But it did, and now it’s back

Thanks to North Shore Mountain Biking for finding this one

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Through Snow And Streams…

Col du Lautaret is to the left of that wall of snow in the centre of the frame and about 600m higher than the bike seat

I decided to ride up to the 2,058m high pass “Col du Lautaret” on Thursday afternoon (a round trip of over 50km) mainly to see if the trail was clear (of snow) all the way to the top.   With the amazing end to the season I kinda figured some parts wouldn’t be passable…I figured right

Avalanche @ 1,800m

From our village it’s a pretty easy fire road, riding next to the river “La Guisane” and then some nice singletrack through the trees but always climbing so even by the time you reach Villeneuve (about 7km) you’re already feeling it.   All the pistes (of Chantemerle, Villeneuve & Monetier) are now clear so that makes things slightly easier

Further up La Guisane

It’s not until you get well into the Nature Reserve “Pics du Combeynot” and about 1,800m high when the riding starts getting a little trickier.  The melting snow higher up and all around makes for some very fast flowing streams mini-rivers this time of year that cross the trail in numerous places – the trick is to try and wheelie or manual over them (this was done with varying degrees of success).  Some parts of the trail had turned into a stream of icy water and slippery rocks but the higher you get the worse it gets.  There’s places where the trail is still covered in snow so you push down hard to get some speed up to get through it only to find it’s a crust of slushy snow with flowing water underneath; you sink, lose your balance, put your foot down and  get a good Alpine-sock-soaking

Fast flowing streams of melt water

Higher up still the trail just completely disappears under snow so there was a certain amount of bike pushing and carrying over rocks and scree to get back onto it.  I made it to the top, muddy, wet, out of breath and looking forward to the ride back down 🙂

Here are the best cam-phone shots from the 4hr:16mn ride…

Endurance test over…now for the fun bit 😉



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