Airy Rider…

Still snow but for how long?

Well, we’ve been hitting 21-24°C everyday since the weekend in our front garden so not any snow left at this height (1200-1300m) at least out in the open – there’s patches of slushy/icey stuff on some of the bike trails under the trees down by the river.  Which makes for some fun riding – especially as I’m still kitted up with tyres for dusty, rocky trails from last summer!

Anyway – this time of year with weather like this the best place to hang around for an afternoon with a snowboard is obviously…The Snow Park – soft snow, longer days, no people…Time to get some AIR  🙂

Managed to cover about 13km of the mountain which was mainly going up and down the snowpark and then an end of day 4km flat out dash through the trees/pistes/powder/slush/chop/ice to the pub 😉

Pretty flat photos but the clouds look good…

jump clouds piste basher

Freestyle clouds

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