Jumping on Dirt…

Another good film-ad with French Dirt Jumper Fred Austruy putting his Mavic Deemax Ultimates through their paces;

Fred Austruy – MAVIC

From ROSE;
(this is Google Translated from the original German article so a few mistakes here and there 😉  )
The French ROSE Dirtbiker Frederic Austury tried the Ultimate Deemax of Mavic Bike Park in Risekore.Fred Austruy was born in 1988 in Aveyron (France). And even with his birth started the “adventure” for him and especially for his parents. Fred had as a child a lot of energy. So his parents have realized very quickly that they must direct his energy in the right direction. Fred started to play football. At 10, he was already full here, with 11 years ago it looked almost as if from Fred Austruy be a professional footballer. He played in the top junior league in France. But then he put in for the first time on a mountain bike. In the beginning it was a cross-country bike.But already he jumped over almost everything that came under the wheels. And so began the career of Dirtbikers. Among other things, Fred Austruy won the Natural Games Millau 2011 (A contest of the FMB World Tour).



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