The Best Time of Year…

The South Face

I think this really is the best time of year up here.  Warm weather, lifts still open, not many people and a fairly big dump last night so fresh powder for the morning session plus some of the bike trials are clearing now so was out in the afternoon on the mountain bike…c’est mortel ici!

We managed to get out for a couple of hours this morning so were on the first lift (well, one of the first lifts 😉 ) and covered over 20km of the mountain, putting down fresh tracks wherever possible.  Snow was great, blue sky with a few big fluffy clouds floating around, birds tweeting in the trees, no wind…tout bon

Then this afternoon went for my first bike ride of the season.  Was on the north side of the valley so the trails were clear in patches then covered in ice, snow, frozen mud & puddles in other places.  That with the streams & rivers which are flowing fast because of the warm weather recently made for an interesting ride.  Did a nice easy(ish) 12km circuit but went at it hard (as always).  Don’t think I’ve been on the bike for about 4 months or so…felt like I’d never got off tbh

More of the same tomorrow I think.  The transition from board to bike is gonna be sweet…jours heureux 🙂

Cam-phone pics from today;

Fresh Tracks and Fluffy Clouds

Hanging Out in the Trees

Fresh Tracks

The Morning Sesh

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