All Tracked Out…

Panoramic from Col de la Cucumelle

A clear blue sky today which helped a lot – as it was pretty windy and another very chilly morning up on the mountain.

We made our way over to the Vallon chairlift and spent the morning doing off-piste runs from Col de la Cucumelle and Tete de la Balme (2625m) which both involve a little bit of hiking along the ridge but it’s well worth it!  The snow was excellent on both sides – completely tracked out but still good fun.

Took totally the wrong snowboard out with me today and the bindings were not set up for a big mountain day morning (but couldn’t be bothered to change them up the mountain as time was limited as usual).  But still good fun and knowing a little too much weight on the front and you’re gonna sink and grind to a halt or even better, face-plant it is one way to make sure you keep the speed up!  Covered about 40km of the mountain all together.

Just found out (or remembered, not sure which) that my phone has a ‘Sweep Panorama’ mode (see above shot).  C’est cool, non?   😎

Anyway – here are the shots of the morning;





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