Return of the Sun…

This morning : Looking East from the Aiguillette chairlift


Well after the decent dump of snow over the weekend and a few (rare) cloudy days this week in the valley, we woke up this morning and it looked like the sun was going to be back.  And indeed it was, we were happy to see it but boy is it cold!

The car was showing -12°C at 9h00 when we dropped the boy off at school and up the mountain it was probably -20°C or less but there was no wind so it was easily bearable plus that meant all the trees still had snow on their branches which made for a nice backdrop to a rather lazy mornings riding;  I seemed to be thinking more of getting down to the village to have a coffee in the sun than picking good lines

But spent a couple of hours having fun in the cold and as has been the case since the weekend, the off-piste run back down to the village was awesome  🙂

It doesn’t sound like it’s just around here or even the Alps in the chiller right now – I hear most of Europe is in the deep freeze this week.  Something about north-easterly Siberian winds – certainly sounds cold, that’s for sure

Anyway – these are the best of the mornings snaps;





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