Still Snowing…

Snow Trees


Well, some more snow has arrived at long last.  Woke up to a pretty light snowfall with 2 or 3cm already on the cars.  But that light snowfall hasn’t stopped all day and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon 🙂

After working for the morning, headed up the mountain for some fun in the fresh stuff.  Thick cloud up there so pretty hard to see anything at all – so once again the trees provided the best place to ride hide.  Still managed to get in a few good runs out of the trees – most of the time going up the Vallons chairlift and coming down next to the Cucumelle red run where there are all sorts of natural features to hit and little trees like the ones above to weave in and out of or jump over.

Very quiet up there today – for a couple of the little off-piste runs I was a lone wolf with not another soul in sight or earshot – just the way I like it 😉

All  in all a good afternoon session.   The weather at the moment is still the same;  the cloud layer is pretty thick and there’s no wind so think it might be snowing for while yet…happy days

Saturday afternoon session


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